Music, dance, theatre, art, spoken word, thoughts. history, ideas, nature….. these are the things which keep me alive and well! For what ever reasons I have thus far lived a life in which creativity has been an imperative I could not ignore. This has often been an inconvenience to me and certainly to the people around me. It has also been an incredibly rewarding adventure which I have shared with countless wonderful people. People who believe in bold acts, crazy plans, collective action and who maintain an unswerving dedication to their art and the ongoing preservation and envisaging of a human culture which actually survives the current environmental and social crises.

With the help of my talented nephew I have slowly but surely been creating a web world which represents past work since 1998 and which is a way of letting people know what I am up to now. This I have done as much for me … to make sense of it all… as well as an interactive letter to my collaborators, friends, family and peers …who it is always so hard to keep in touch with.

Enjoy! And please feel free to contribute in any way you would like!