2010. resist the mechanization of your soul

All and everything is made up of shapes and patterns…. me … you… the rock i walk upon… all the things through time that fused together to make the rock … rock….everything we touch, see, smell, imagine, think….. envision ….. Operating as a vessel for the patterns of life, allowing them to inhabit us through art, music, dance, poetry, architecture, gardening… every which way we breath, sit, move and are… this is the task? Resist the mechanization of your soul….. dance, sing, make art, build gardens in communion with the spirits, patterns and shapes of nature…. now… in this moment….

Spending time in nature allows us communion with both our animal and angelic forms ….. an increasing awareness of how these realities intersect is what makes us truly human in the best possible way.
“Like the Angel, the animal also has a time that is not torn into past and future ( a midrashic tale narrates that Gabriel was sent to grant eternal life to whomever would receive him for an instant. But the angel returned and said, ” They all had one foot in the past and the other in the future; I found no one who had the time. ” p90 Cacciari, M, The Necessary Angel, 1994.

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