It is feeling very winter right now- I am in hibernation mode- as can happen with the shortness of days in Winter. I have been reading Satre which is probably not helping! Existing within a state of inward contemplation has its perks though. I have been writing morose love songs and working on a piano piece inspired by Kandinsky, which requires much time left to my own devices. The patterns in it are rather complex and it is impossible to progress with it without continuous focus. Kandinsky is a wonderful inspiration. The more I read about him , the more I am inspired.

“We fought for painting, but painting alone will not suffice. I had the idea of a synthetic book that removed half of the old, narrow conceptions, breaking down the walls between the arts…. and finally prove that the problem of art is not a problem of form but a problem of spiritual content.” Kandinsky

I have also been exploring his connection with the idea of ‘total art’ which just happens to be a concept one of my favorite contemporary artists has been musing on in his blog, Karl Cronin. A wonderful dancer-artist-thinker. Check out his work. You can read his post and my response to it here. Karl Cronin

This week I wrote a song called ‘Thoughts’. I am posting an entirely improvised version of it. It is the very first time I sang and played it. I had an idea. Pressed record- sat at the piano and this is what came out. I have put about 3 edits in this where there were some stumbles or unnecessary repetition. It does still amaze me what can emerge out of nothing. As with all my songs it is about alot of things but at it’s centre, explores the idea of the tangible nature of thoughts. It is partly inspired by my reading of Satre, partly by Winter, partly by my ongoing habit of falling in love with those who inspire me creatively but are in one way or another distant or unavailable enough to avoid a fully manifested love. I have been thinking alot about the idea of negotiated reality. That the people we communicate with can have enormous effect on who we are. That as much as we can take responsibility for our own states of being we must also acknowledge the enormous effect we can have on others. That what we see as ‘possible’ or ‘not possible’ has consequences not only on our lives but on the lives of those around us. Hmmmmm i think the term “negotiated reality” is perhaps useful in describing this nexus of ideas.
Thoughts by audio.narcissist

Oh and if anyone is reading. Please let me know you were here and please feel free to contribute your thoughts : ) Conversations are much more instructive than talking to myself : )

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