Marianthe Loucataris
(BA anthropology/ethnomusicology/religious studies, Grad Cert Education)

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Marianthe Loucataris is a multi-instrumentalist composer, performer, recording artist, media artist, teacher and community cultural development worker. She has worked consistently solo and in collaboration with diverse artists to create performance and installation work which challenges the boundaries between art forms, genres, cultures and performative traditions. Her music is currently being used broadly in film, documentaries, cross media works, web sites and is listed in a prominent film and television music library in the US. Her recently released album under the project name Mahri Autumn- ri-solv- is gaining airplay around the country including ABC radio national and being featured in blogs and radio the world over including London and NYC.

Artist in Residence | Nov 2010-March 2011
I am currently the Artist in Residence at Thirning Villa through the Ashfield Council, Sydney. I will be conducting a CCD performance project incorporating drumming and movement for the Festival of Cultures as well as developing my own work- An installation/performance entitled “The Sound of Everything”

Drumming and music with community | 1996- Present
I regularly facilitate drumming workshops, projects and performances through schools
and with people with disabilities. Including currently at Ashfield Primary and North Belmore Primary through The Song Room. I specialise in using music and rhythm as a form of non verbal and cross cultural communication. This approach works both with young migrants who have extensive cultural knowledge and skills as well as people whose musical abilities are limited. (see projects below for more info) I use rhythm as the basis but depending on the group and context other instruments, singing and movement may also be used.

Teaching Percussion, Music and Middle Eastern Drumming | 1996- present
Since 1996 I have operated my own drumming and rhythm school. I operate regular classes and workshops in Wollongong, Sydney and Canberra. My focus is on Egyptian style drumming due to my ongoing mentorship with Egyptian drum master Ibrahim el Minyawi who I studied with in London in 2001 after receiving an Ian Potter Foundation grant.

Producer of music, dance theatre and multimedia events and projects | 1998-2010
I have taken a producing role in many of the creative collaborations I have engaged in over the past ten years. I am experienced and comfortable with all areas of project development including community consultation, creative inception, marketing and production management.

Mahri Autumn’s – “The Sound of Everything” Development Stage One- Merrigong Theatre Company’s – Theatre Development Program
The development of a multimedia performance, using live acoustic music, movement, projections and electronically manipulated sounds. The work will challenge the boundaries between musical genres, art forms and current performative norms through the use of new technologies, innovative use of space and engaging the ‘audience’ in a participatory creative experience which engages the senses and challenges understandings of the cultural role and scope of music and performance. It draws on the work of my recorded works ri-solv and betwixt.

Music and Arts with People with Disabilities
I have coordinated a number of projects with people with disabilities including in 2008 a 6 month project to create a banner, make drums and coordinate a performance involving over 30 clients with profound disabilities and staff.

Music/Rhythm/Relaxation for people suffering from a mental illness through Neami
A series of workshops leading to a performance as part of a Gallery Exhibition Opening with people suffering from a mental illness. A number of projects 2008-09

Illawarra Folk Festival Parade and FINALE Coordinator | 2008, 2009, 2010
This project brings together 100s of performers for a series of workshops and a performance as part of the Illawarra Folk Festival.

PEGASYS | Power House Museum Sydney | 2009
Interactive eye control media arts project in collaboration with artist Sarah Moss | composition and recording

Ruth Allen’s 4D2 | The Canberra Glass Works | 2009
dance performance, sound design, installation

Ruth Allen’s 4D at Frankston Arts Centre, Melbourne | February 2009

18 mins of sound collage and music designed for a dynamic glass installation. The piece is situated in a window exhibit with the sound being played onto the streets of Frankston.

MAHRI AUTUMN: I recently released my first album of songs which I produced and recorded in my own studio. New York based producer Brian Siskind (FOGNODE) mixed and mastered the work. I was shortlisted for an APRA professional development award in 2009 with this project as the focus. It has received extensive airplay including on ABC Radio National.

SURAYA HILAL DANCE company: Oscillations & Imago at the Casula Powerhouse | 2009
I performed alongside Internationally acclaimed dance artist Suraya Hilal. I performed compositions written for piano, piano accordian, drum and frame drum.

Mozaic Dance Company | 2007- present | Composer/musician/dancer/performer
In collaboration with choreographer/dancer Sarah Hamilton. Mozaic Dance Company
explore the dynamic interfaces between dancer and musician – tradition and innovation, drawing on their extensive study of traditional Egyptian dance & rhythms and their diverse creative backgrounds including contemporary dance, physical theatre, Classical Indian dance and contemporary, ‘world’ and western classical music. (see for more info)

Southern Stars Percussion Piece | 2006

Commissioned in collaboration with Obrobini to compose and teach a 5 min percussion piece for 30 young people to perform live as part of Southern Stars.

Cheeky Tzatziki | 2002- 2006

Musical/performance troupe including performances for theatre, cabaret and folk festivals and venues: including The Mellbourne Fringe Festival, Live Bait Festival, Bondi, Viva la Gong and Illawarra Folk Festival 2003- 2006

Landforms | 2004 | a seventeen minute recorded piece | commissioned by Circus WOW for an adagio piece with accompanying film work by Sarah Moss and funded
through the NSW Ministry for the Arts | composed and recorded with some technical assistance from Kevin White | mostly performed solo on broken piano, piano, percussion and vocals and computer generated loops | mixed solo

Landed | 2000- 2004

4o mins of music composed and performed live with broken piano and percussion | performed by Company Theatre Physical and devised in collaboration with writer Van Badham and producer PP Cranney | creative development 2000 | Wollongong season IPAC 2002 | Sydney season at Sidetrack Theatre 2004 |design and creation of sound effects in collaboration with Guy Freer

The Hardy Project | 2003

40 mins of compositions for piano accordian, vibraphone, guitar and vocals performed live for a work in progress performance at Illawarra Performing Arts Centre | project included working with cast to perform a number of songs commissioned by playwright PP Cranney and funded through the Australia Council Theatre board

Baggage Carousel | 2003 | Sue Broadway’s Nose of her Own Theatre Co
composition of 40 mins of pieces for piano, percussion, saxaphone, piano accordian| mostly performed live | one piece pre recorded in collaboration with Mark Holder-Keeping

Nose of Her Own | 2002 | with Sue Broadway

Composition of 30 mins of music, part solo and part in collaboration with Cheeky Tzatziki | performed live at IPAC


A collaborative cross artform performance incorporating installation |dance | fi lm | and music | composition and performance on broken piano in collaboration with Ann Lehmann on guitar a 30 min piece partly improvised | creative coordinator in collaboration with Generate | dancer Tammy Meuwissen and visual artist Ruth Allen and festival Director Ann Lehmann

Voyage | 2002 | closing piece of Viva la Gong festival | composition and coordination of a ten minute percussion piece involving both young migrants and professional players

Skinless | 2001 | a cross art form exhibition/installation/performance at Project Contemporary Art Gallery | composition and live performance of a 15 min piece on
broken piano | creation of a sound scape in collaboration with Kevin White.

Centenary of Federation Parade (Illawarra Entry) | 2001| in collaboration with GENERATE | Choreographer Tammy Meeuwissen and Visual Artist Ruth Allen |commissioned to compose a percussion piece with instruments made from recycled materials for 15 drummers | creation of instruments in collaboration with visual artist and composition of a 30 min percussive piece to accompany a troupe of dancers incollaboration with a choreographer. Troupe was made up of community members young and old.

Flame | closing performance of Viva La Gong Festival | composition of a 15 min
piece and corodination and direction of a twenty piece percussion group made up of young people and professionals

Drift | 2000 | live music, installation and performance for the Thirroul Arts Festival in collaboration with visual artist and dancer Anita Larkin | composition of a 45 minute piece for Piano performed live with improvised sections in collaboration with KevinWhite, Greg Walker and Luke Hambly

Speaking of Winged Feet | 1997- 1998 | collaborative theatre show with dancer Niki Shephard and musician Renee McCrae | A full length theatre piece with 30 minutes worth of solo compositional work and 30 mins worth of collaborative composition for piano, vocals and percussion | performed at the Choreographic Centre in Canberra

Wollongong Women’s Information Service | 2002-2007
During this time I worked as part of an artsworker team to plan, deliver and evaluate cross artform community cultural development projects with young and older women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds as part of the Multicultural Women’s Network. Projects over this time included: Development and touring of a theatre piece,“A Better Life”, a creative development project focussing on cross generational issues with women from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, both funded by the Australia Council for the Arts CCD Board, and the development and creation of an interactive DVD documenting the history of CCD in the Illawarra. My role in these projects included liaising with a diverse range of people, assisting with grant applications and acquittals, planning and implementation of projects including collaboration with Why Documentaries to create interactive DVD, audio and film editing and script writing, and facilitating group composition and devising for performance.

Wollongong City Council | 2000- 2002
I was contracted as an artsworker through WCC for a number of community cultural development projects during this period including: Viva la Gong Parade Youth Project 2000,
Centenary of Federation Parade Project 2001 and Viva la Gong finale performances Flame 2001 and Voyage 2002. My work included devising musical and movement theatre material with community members, liaising with council representatives, other artists and funding bodies. I was also involved in writing grant applications and acquittals and press and media releases for events.

South Sydney Council | South Sydney Creative Arts Centre | 2001
Children’s Program Officer: In this position my role was to plan, design, implement and evaluate arts projects for young people at various after school centers in South Sydney. Including workshop projects which lead to involvement in the Wolloomooloo and Mascon Festivals. This involved designing programs and weekly time schedules for a team of artsworkers, liaising with other council staff, children services workers and festival organisers and the ongoing administrative tasks demanded by a local government context. This position also involved hands on musical visual and performance devising work with young and disadvantaged youth with challenging behaviours.

Warrawong Intensive English Centre and Company Theatre Physical | 2000-2004

Originally produced by playwright PP Cranney. ‘Landed’ was a professional theatre piece devised and performed by Company Theatre Physical based on stories gathered through workshops with young people from NESB backgrounds at the Warrawong Intensive English Centre, Warrawong High. The project included a creative development period and performance and two professional seasons in Wollongong and Sydney. My work on this project was diverse. I was commissioned as music composer and performer for the professional seasons and also as community arts worker/musician to work with the young people. Since the first project in 2000 I have continued to work through the centre on a number of projects in association with Wollongong City Council, The Multicultural Women’s Network and currently with the Illawarra Ethnic Communities Council.

Performance Illawarra Inc | 2002-2005
Convenor, interim secretary, vice chair and committee member. Between 2002-05 I worked on a voluntary basis to form this community organisation to help support performing artists working in the theatre, CCD and film industries in the Illawarra region. Working with PI gave me invaluable experience negotiating with a broad range of Arts stakeholders.