Current Projects

October 2008

This project is a collaboration with dancer/choreographer Sarah Hamilton. It is inspired by and uses Contemporary Egyptian dance form developed by Europe based choreographer/dancer Suraya Hilal . The work focusses on the relationship between dancer and live musician and draws on my learning from Drum master Ibrahim el Minyawi who has worked with Suraya Hilal for almost 20 years. For more information on drumming/rhythm/dance click here.Working in this company is satisfying my ongoing fascination with the relationship between sound, form and movement. It is the most wonderful way to develop my instrumental works for piano, accordian and drum and dancing keeps me healthy, focussed and strong…. and its FUN!


MAHRI AUTUMN recording project

For past 3 years I have finally had my own recording set up and have been focussed on recording my songs.  I was on track to do an electronic only release before the end of 2008 but chaos theory intervened. One of my favourite producers based in the States, Brian Siskind has shown interest in my work and he is about to do a mix of High Time. (we made contact through myspace !!! hilarious) I can’t remember ever being so excited…. dangerous. When good things happen it is challenging to stay grounded and conscious. Happiness is hard work! So easy to lose ones head and heart. It has been really challenging handing over my work. I have done so, so, so, much work collaboratively. Finally i designed the Mahri Autumn project as a VERY solo creative pursuit. I had been very aware that I had reached the limits of my gear and expertise and really needed some outside ears. I feel blessed that b.siskind has answered the call! But ironic that it should happen in such a way that I am challenged to totally let go of it… partly because of distance and yet I suspect the result will be way better without me around. I have handed over files and now just await the sounds to come back! Excruciating, wonderful and an excellent challenge in non attachment!



I am working with two different groups. One where I just go in and have a jam with a group of people who are a little more idiosyncratic than the rest of us. The other is more involved. I am working with staff and clients of a day facility for people with profound disabilities to design a creative process and end of year performance. We are making a banner made out of triangles which represent the clients and instruments ( including specially designed drums out of recycled materials.) Its challenging and rewarding!



I am working with Festival director David De Santi and a great collection of people to create a parade and finale for the Festival. The idea is to bring as many people as possible together from the local community to dance, sing and be merry. It was pretty gorgeous last year.