Ebb & Flow | Virtual Artist in Residence

I am currently doing a Virtual Artist in Residence with the North Midlands Project. It has been wonderful working with Shiona Herbert, a teacher at Coorow Primary School to engage her students in a Media Arts Experiment. We have been able to Ebb & Flow and explore the provocation – “If Water Could Speak” – what is it saying? How can we give voice to water through sharing images, sounds and arising words. I have also been working with a group of community members to explore what kind of connections we can build through Online Creative Collaboration. We are building a co-created website with the content emerging.

New Audio Release

Improvising With The Other Than Human. IWTOTH. An experimental invitation to listen to music/sounds as if you were listening to sounds in a forrest ecology. Expect the sounds to be diffractive / multiplicitous / an example of turbulent flow. Is it possible to turn off your rational music critic brain which may well hear the combination of sounds as out of time, messy, weird? Can we inhabit the spaces in between. Sit within the forrest and observe & respond without judgement, wanting to measure, control or critique? Find out more at the website. The works arose out of We Will Dance With Mountains course/festival 2021/22.


In 2021, Bayo Akomolafe and friends undertook inviting 1000 people from across the globe into the We Will Dance with Mountains Course /Festival. The experience included 9 online events, guests, rituals, art, research components and an online community hosted through Mighty Networks (like facebook but private),

In the Mighty Networks a plethora of self-organising groups formed. One of these, was the Shadow Craft-Raft: Audio Voice Exchange. This group was set apart by its framework whereby spoken recordings of thoughts were required instead of writing, in order to be a more accessible space.

This self organised space became incredibly generative with shared ideas and multi modal responses emerging. There is something about an improvisational approach to creativity, a bone structure which acknowledges there are other agencies at play and that we create, think, experience NO THING alone which shifts the entire dynamic of our dominant paradigm way of perceiving ourselves and what it means to be human in a porous intra-active world. Find out more at the website which emerged through the 20/21 course & continued into the 2021/22 course/festival.


5 poets, a river, Tricky & me. For the Denmark Festival of Voice I worked with some inspiring poets and created an installation piece and this site. Listen to an instrumental version of the whole project below which you can also download and stream on my Bandcamp site.

Thoughts : Solo Piano Video release

Thoughts : Track 2 from my Solo Piano album. https://audionarcissist.bandcamp.com

Released in 2019 – Vision by Tasty Beacon, completed in April 2020.


An encouragement, to allow ourselves to grieve all the things that are moving from one state to another

We were something – and now we are something else – and then we will be something else again.

A continual process of ends and beginnings.

A sense of newness can only be glimpsed, if we allow ourselves to feel the sadness at the passing of things

Time, parts of ourselves, ways of existing, the morning, the night, the spiders web

This piece is an invitation to pause and consider all we have lost

frame drumming workshop

rhythm | chanting | breath 
ground | focus | be in-sync

A workshop to explore how rhythm can be used
to move from one state to another.
Hosted by Sonia Dezius at the
Denmark Yoga Centre Feb 1 2019.
Led by me.

Connect on the facebook event page.

améliorer fragments 1-3 screened as part of Revelation Perth International Film Festival

I did some sound design and some music and some sound sweetening on this film made by John Carberry aka Tasty Beacon and it was shown at Revelation.

Solo Piano Album Released

I recently embarked on a sonic filing exercise in order to rediscover music recordings which were gathering dust in failing hard drives. My aim was to make them available to friends, who have been using recordings in their film projects. I stumbled across a surprising amount of interesting solo piano works and decided to release them as a little album. A number of the pieces were inspired by the philosophy and art of Wassily Kandinsky and Egyptian Baladi music. Buy it on Bandcamp for the price of shouting me a coffee in your favourite cafe.

Améliorer Fragments 1

John Carberry of Tasty Beacon fame commissioned me to do some sound and music work for his short film. Including the snippet in this trailer.

Améliorer Fragments 1 -3 – Trailer from Tasty Beacon on Vimeo.

FORGE by Annalouise Paul

Choreographer / Dancer Annalouise Paul commissioned me to create a 30 min recorded work for FORGE. Piano, vocals with Helen Rivero, percussion and sound design. See the video promo here.

Listen to an excerpt below on soundcloud.

audio.narcissist · FORGE sound bites