waiting for new york

One of my favorite musician/producers based in New York ( of all places could have been Bendigo or Brisbane even?) is doing some mixing of my song recordings. His name is Brian Siskind (aka Fognode) and he is a prodigiously talented artist, musician, producer, photographer. Check out his work here. You can buy an album on Itunes too, just search for Fognode.

It has been a surreal, exciting and challenging process already. Communicating with someone through the web without knowing them is….. weird. Transferring large files is troublesome. The mahri autumn project is very close to my heart and the result of way too much time staring at my own navel. Or intently listening to my own foot? My new term for it is audio narcissism. I guess I have created a web world and a creative entity ‘mahri autumn‘ who dwells there. To have a “real” person respond to that entity and now be tweaking “real time” in the “real world” to that entity on the other side of the planet….. perhaps not strange at all… but definitely challenging my ability to .. let go……… trust…..Hopefully I’ll have something to hear in the next couple of days!!!! Playing live today at Earth Fest in Sydney, rehearsing for IMAGO and sketching out a lighting plot… oh and working on an award application due in on Monday!