Frame Drumming on the West Australian coast.

A clip Sacha Fawkes shot on our trip down the Western Australian coastline 2012. I am almost finished my first year of the Master of Teaching course I am completing. More news on recordings, performances and workshops soon!

new release

Take a listen to my new ambient, piano, spoken word piece ‘sound of everything’ HERE

‘The Sound of Everything’

‘The Sound of Everything’ installation/performance as part of my Artist in Residence at Thirning Villa: Sydney.
Thanks to Ruth Allen for the gorgeous back drop of ‘permeable’ and for the resonating vessels. Thanks also to the team of image makers. Nina Kourea, Suzie Wix, Selwyn Hunt and Carolyn Nowaczyk Film edited and sound by Me- M.Loucataris. For more information on my residency and on the project – see a number of posts below as well as my residency blog

Betwixt : New album released

A compilation of instrumental works created for theatre, dance, film and installation works 2000-2010. Listen and buy from Bandcamp : ) Cleaning out the sonic cupboard feels good : )

mahri autumn’s- ri-solv – released

My first album ri-solv under the project name Mahri Autumn is now officially OUT ! There are also videos and bios, photos etc at

There are two more releases in the wings and about 20 in my mind so………. here begins….. release… release…. release… release


This track marked the end of the process of creating the album ri-solv. It is made up of the beginnings and ends of tracks and is a meditation on death, life, acceptance – gain and loss, beginning and end, dualities of all kinds are quashed in ri-solv. There is no more either /or in ri-solv. Samsara the concept of the wheel of life, the fabric of human reality, the veil of illusion… reflects a similar notion. Everything is as true as everything else. or not………but then… (just kidding) : ) Oh and if you like this track feel free to download it, embed it, torrent it, have your wicked way with it in which ever way you choose. i’ll be happy if you just give it a listen.

Babelgum Metropolis Art Prize

My first video for” Jack” is being featured as part of the Metropolis Art Prize on Babelgum.

Check it out here and vote so they send me to New York : )

Mahri Autumn Gig in Autumn

Photo : Sound checking at Mt Kembla with little girls hanging close. Love that look in their eyes. The one that says ” hmmmmmm women don’t play drums like that on TV??? ”

It was a warm sublime afternoon. The orange sun traversed the forest wrapped mountains and settled on our smiling faces as it gently dawned on us that perhaps we were indeed a community. A group of people with shared concerns, inspired by the creative juices that swim amongst us, jointly developing regular means of spending time together and collectively striving for a more sane, sustainable and meaningful existence. Of course later that week it was discovered that we hadn’t drunk enough alcohol to make the pub happy with us. Ahhhhh well. Time to organise some gigs in local halls.

waiting for new york

One of my favorite musician/producers based in New York ( of all places could have been Bendigo or Brisbane even?) is doing some mixing of my song recordings. His name is Brian Siskind (aka Fognode) and he is a prodigiously talented artist, musician, producer, photographer. Check out his work here. You can buy an album on Itunes too, just search for Fognode.

It has been a surreal, exciting and challenging process already. Communicating with someone through the web without knowing them is….. weird. Transferring large files is troublesome. The mahri autumn project is very close to my heart and the result of way too much time staring at my own navel. Or intently listening to my own foot? My new term for it is audio narcissism. I guess I have created a web world and a creative entity ‘mahri autumn‘ who dwells there. To have a “real” person respond to that entity and now be tweaking “real time” in the “real world” to that entity on the other side of the planet….. perhaps not strange at all… but definitely challenging my ability to .. let go……… trust…..Hopefully I’ll have something to hear in the next couple of days!!!! Playing live today at Earth Fest in Sydney, rehearsing for IMAGO and sketching out a lighting plot… oh and working on an award application due in on Monday!