Short Listed for APRA Professional Development Award

Promising news that I have been short listed for the APRA professional development awards. Hmmm would make 2009 way more exciting and considerably easier…. but.. its affirming just to be short listed at this point. Today i am in the midst of receiving more mixes from Brian Siskind in New York. If successful with the grant, the money would go towards working more with him and a bit of travel. If we survive working through email it would be GREAT to be in the same studio. Its exciting and a very unusual experience. He is doing wonderful work and I can only hope that people will like what we are coming up with. Its challenging developing a process through email and really testing my ability to trust (cause I have too) and not be too much of a control freak (because I can’t control much on the other side of the planet!).

Meanwhile, walking up Mt Keira as many times a week as I can manage makes life make way more sense!