Illawarra Folk Festival 09

Another 3 days of being surrounded by some of my favorite people. Many a conversation was had through words and melody and rhythm and moments of ecstatic communion though music. It seems we must all work stupidly, and at times dangerously hard, to maintain these cultural practices. Somehow it seems it is against the grain of our society…..somehow it feels we must steal the time to play music, to eat, drink and be merry together in a form and context of our own making, rather than merely as a commercial venture fashioned by someone outside our own community. Thanks to everyone who worked hard and well together to create such a life affirming few days.

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One Second Video of Michael-John Azzopardi at the gorgeous Chapel venue Friday night of festival.

I had the pleasure of seeing Michael-John Azzopardi play 3 sets. He is a positively formidable artist, writer, performer, guitarist and singer. I am blessed that he has recently done some wonderful guitar tracks for one of my recordings, Jack. Go buy his albums here…

We, Mahri Autumn & The Chameleon Collective, played 3 gigs with special guests Pedro Altuna, Annalise Friend, Simon Leamon, Mark Holderkeeping and dancer Jacqueline Pepercamp of Tribal Jewels.