Markus Kuchenbuch

Last month met a wonderful musician/flute player/performer/dancer/choreographer Markus Kuchenbuch. A chance meeting at a friends house alerted us to the fact that we have similar creative interests : Improvisation combining rhythm, drums, singing, movement, dance and melodic instruments : Improvisation which draws on everything and nothing we have ever heard or imagined: Improvisation which frees the mind from the inanity and insanity of day to day existence and places the musician and the willing listener within eternity – where somehow the only reality is the relationship between melodic phrases and rhythmic beats – total absorption in communication through sound patterns. He lives in Berlin and so 2 weeks after we met he returned to the winter of his Berlin. Fortunately before he left we managed a recording session where we captured some of the potential of our collaboration. He has invited me to Berlin for some recording and performing which, funds permitting, will happen sometime over the next 12 months. Here is a snippet from our recordings : mmweb