high time mix

First mix is back from Brian Siskind ….. and……… well……. i think its sounds good…… ahhhhhh… somehow I was hoping that after going through someone else’s hands, whose ear I trust and respect, i would be able to hear it with more objectivity…..through someone else’s ear…Alas i still hear it with the brain ticking… analytical ear pumped up to 10.5! Damn… Having said that I really like what he has done with it…
its up on the Myspace www.myspace.com/mahriautumn
I guess I was also hoping that it would be easy to think about releasing it to the world.. but… alas once again I listen to it and I think… is this what I want this music project to be introduced by? What is it? Its a kinda weird song!… gosh I really I am the sales woman now! I come back to the recurring vision of releasing a double collection in one go… A song collection and an instrumental collection…. It’s something about not wanting the project to be pigeon holed into a genre or framework of any sort… something about wanting to confound people with which box to put it in.. This will be much easier to achieve with 18 pieces rather than 1…. or at least the 9 pieces of the whole song collection… I will be glad when the first release is over and done so it just doesn’t matter any more…meanwhile I have been taking photos… and training for the show IMAGO on Saturday! Looking forward to a lazy summer!