Rhythm, Drumming & Dance

Why Drum? Feel free to add to this

Ten reasons I hand drum Egyptian style.

1) I love it!

2) I was lucky enough to meet Ibrahim el Minyawi and be inspired by his wonderful playing style. It is fluid, melodic, strong and expressive.

3) It is my favourite way to communicate with people. Much more fun than words!

4) It relaxes me.

5) It’s fun.

6) It gives my nervous system a break from thinking too much.

7) It is an intricate, beautiful and expressive tradition. Which you can use to express every possible human emotion.
8) It is a great instrument for playing with other musicians and dancers.

9) The drumming I have been lucky enough to learn through wonderful drummers here in Australia and in London (see My Training page for more information) is a rich and wonderful tradition which I believe is incredibly valuable to preserve and continue for future generations.

10) Somehow I have no choice. I am a drummer!

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