Rhythm, Drumming & Dance

Rhythm & Drumming : BEAT IT : Schools Program

An introduction to World Drum Circles
A rhythm and drumming program which uses rhythm, movement, percussion, vocals and drums to explore the wonder of playing music in a group.

An engaging and fun introduction to World Drumming. The program will explore how to communicate through rhythm using drums, bodies and voices. Inspired by the world drum traditions including from the Middle East, Africa, India and Latin America this program taps into a cross cultural meeting point fantastic for the diversity of contemporary Australia.

In the program/workshop we will create a performance piece together. I will draw on the skills and cultural knowledge the children may already have, as well as teaching some traditional and contemporary rhythms. The program addresses group communication, confidence, collaborative creative decision making, self expression and respect for diverse cultures as well as a number of key musical and performance concepts – including dynamic, musical and rhythmic structures, cueing mechanisms, focus and performance skills.

A wonderful way of experiencing music for all levels of experience including complete beginners and the more skilled. The program’s focus on communication and improvisation works well for the full spectrum of children including those with special needs.

Teachers/ parents are encouraged to participate in the drum circle. Having focus within the circle is of paramount importance when using music as a form of communication. For interested teachers/parents the program can be expanded and adapted for use within the class room/home to illustrate language, maths and social skills.

Marianthe Loucataris is an experienced facilitator who specialises in Egyptian style percussion and dance, working with young and old from non English speaking backgrounds and adults and children with special needs. She has a strong background in community cultural development having worked on local, state and nationally funded community arts projects. She is also a professional multi-instumentalist and singer song writer who performs, composes, records music for theatre, dance, film and media arts work. For more information see my central website :

Click below to see a snippet of my Primary School Troupe in rehearsal.
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