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Hilal Dance Workshop in Wollongong

'Mizmar' Mozaic Dance Company 2008, Sidetrack Theatre

'Mizmar' Mozaic Dance Company 2008, Sidetrack Theatre

Hilal Dance Workshop
Body Work and Traditional | ‘Sha’abi’ with Sarah Hamilton
For Men and Women of all levels including beginners
Sunday 27th September

This workshop will be an introduction to Hilal Dance bodywork and traditional Egyptian ‘sha’abi’ dance. Hilal Dance is fantastic for any performer interested in exploring their physical expression as well as wonderful for anyone interested in posture, yoga, breathing, getting fit and integrating body, mind and emotion.

Suitable for total beginners as well as experienced dancers from all backgrounds-
contemporary/ movement theatre to folk, cabaret and music theatre.

Contact Manthy for more info, to book and for details of venue
info at mariantheloucataris.com

Sarah Hamilton is an accredited Hilal Dance teacher and has performed
with the Suraya Hilal Dance Company in Australia
and Europe.

For more information see www.hilaldance.co.uk

If there is enough interest i am looking at running a weekly training session in Wollongong after this workshop.
(led by me)

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